OMG…could you believe this? Yesterday I was having a moment! Im browsing through the blogs and there is so much talk on Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efran, logging on to myspace…there is Ashley Tisdale promoting her new album. Logged on to the Tyra Show and there’s Corbin Blue’s interview on the home page. So I’m asking myself…where on earth is Monique Coleman??? I found this to be really strange, everyone has a gig after Dancing with the Stars but Monique, as huge as her High School Musical co stars are seemed to disappear after her season! So I googled her…NO GIGS and I’m saying to myself …WTF is going on with this girl. I Finally read that she will be on The Cleveland Show (Family Guy Spin Off) and I said to myself YES! Now Im browsing through concreteloop and here is she at Maxims Annual Hot 100th Celebration in Santa Monica Cali. Finalllyyyy…I cant wait to see what’s next for her. I pay so much interest because she has ALOT of talent and she could go way further than all these Disney Channel stars. Lets keep our fingers crossed for Monique.


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