Whats The Real Deal With Kelly Rowland?

First I heard Kelly fired her long time manager Matthew Knowles now word on the street is Columbia Records allegedly dropped Kelly from the label. Tell me this, Destiny’s Child started with Papa Knowles as their manager, the girls splitted once, they did their solo albums and reunited for Destiny Fulfilled. Now tell me this Beyonce is one of the worlds biggest stars like she said in Diva (I am…Disc 1) She’s been the number one Diva in this Game for a minute…She know you read the paper the one they called her Queen…EVERY RADIO ROUND THE WORLD KNOWS ME CUZ THATS WHERE I BE!!! Wait…..Hold up! Hmmm Kelly cant say that now could she? Hmm now tell me this isnt Kelly and B even Solange for heavens sake has the same manager??? So hmmm why the preference? I KNOW first thing someone at his defense would say …these are his daughters but what about fullfilling his managerial duties? Why cant Kelly get the same promotion as Beyonce and Solange? After all lets pull the blood card for a second wasnt Kelly raised in the Knowles household? Yes! Thank you My point exactly so I don’t get why on earth she’s not as successful as Beyonce. HOWEVER, she’s hosting a new show on Bravo with co host Isaac Mizrahi (i worked his line for fashion week)… Lets just hope that kicks off her career!!!

Source: Concreteloop.com (promo pic)


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