Why Do We Love Love When Love Seems To Hate US?

Hey Guys…So Im one of the last people to write a post on relationships. But it kills me when people are soo blind and cant see the filth in their relationships. This post is not designed to point fingers at anyone but to understand why females let men treat them like dirt for the sake of a “relationship”. Especially beautiful educated young women. Scared of a broken heart? SNAP OUT OF IT! We’ve all been there,broken hearts dont kill. WHAT DONT KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!!! We must learn to take control of our lives and dont let life take control of us. Where’s the pride? where’s the dignity? Those characteristics that come with woman-hood. Wisdom to know that you deserve better and the strength to move on and be productive with our lives. Lets be examples and role models, lets target infedelity, domestic voilence, STD’s and teenage pregnancy. Stop living for today and lets think of tomorrow. Make use of your female intuition and stop taking their actions for granted. ummm wondering what do I mean right? Well the I love you’s and the baby I wanna be with you and no one else!!!

In the words of Ciara ” if that boy dont love you by now…he will never ever love you”…once a cheat always a cheat. Relationships dont last forever so lets live for the betterment of ourselves. Fellas, dont think Im letting you go so easy…What do you gain from the Lieing????The Cheating???? And the mental and Verbal Abuse???? Nothing but an express pass to hell…I’m soo serious right now, some guys take advantage of a womans ignorance, they play with their heads like a game of chess….just….heartless!

I was raised in a home with my loving grandmother…This lady is the epitome of a phenomenal woman with knowledge. She taught me never to let a man take advantage of me…sat me down and gave me examples, told me to stand up for myself. She told me BE HAPPY! and that Im the only one that could bring me happyness! If I’m not happy and comfortable with someone then LEAVE! Its natural to be sad but be proud of your decision. Ladies…Im just a medium, take hid from this lady! She has such an experience! Although she had 8 kids and years of marriage she wasnt scared to up and leave…so there isnt any excuses for us!

I should be an activist right?
No! because I will slap some stupidity out some Stupid Girls…

Until Next time…Deuces

(This is one of my angry posts…lol Im gonna post something uplifting next time LOL)


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