Whats on my Ipod?

I have over two thousand songs on my ipod… and double this amount on my PC. Everything from Gospel to Reggae. I really Love music and because of my sudden mood changes lol (my friends call it bi polar) lol I usually update my playlist every day or every other day…
The last few days I’ve been relaxing, feeling calm, cool and just living ma life. So heres my latest song selection from my ipod. In no specific order…

Rihanna Ft Chris Brown – Bad Girl

Leona Lewis – The Best you Never Had

Ne – Yo – Mad

Britney Spears – Circus

Pussy Cat Dolls – I Hate This Part Right Here

Beyonce – Ego

Beyonce – Ave Maria

Natasha Bedingfield – These Words

Shontelle – T Shirt

Katy Perry – Hot n Cold

Usher – Appetite

Beyonce – Diva

MIA – Paper Planes

Pink – Sober

Serani – No Games

Taio Cruz – Like a Star

Michelle Williams – The Greatest

Lady GaGa – Just Dance

Lady Ga Ga – Star Struck

Solange – T.O.N.Y

Pink – Sober

Brandy – Right Here

Akon – Im So Paid

Jennifer Hudson Ft Ludaris – Pocketbook

Ludacris – One More Drink

The Dream ft Rihanna – Living A Lie


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