Isn’t this touching?

So, Im browsing through youtube and this is what I found. It is rumoured that Beyonce will be performing at the inauguaration. She’s definately not performing Single Ladies guys lets be realistic here LOL no matter how much Sasha and Malia luvs it C’mon…but I’m excited about it wanna see what Michelle Obama’s gonna wear 🙂
…I’m really feeling this, NOT BECAUSE ITS BEYONCE SINGING (although that may be a plus) lol but the lyrics reminds me of the night of November 4th when Barack Obama was elected President, I felt something that I never ever felt before almost tearing up. I looked out and although it was dark out there, it seemed like the dawn of a new day. I could just feel how warm peoples hearts were and for the first time NEW YORKERS were smiling [EVEN ON THE TRAIN AT RUSH HOUR] LOL
So guys listen to the song! cudnt find a better video I’m sorry LOL


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