The moment we have all been waiting for is finally… here cheers to 2009!
Let this year be a year of much success: economically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
I know most have drawn up their life plan for their success, lets fullfill these resolutions and make good out of this new year…

Looking back on 2008………….*This year was the year of my threshold. I’ve learnt so much and been through the best and the worst. I shared tears but they were patched up with soo much laughter. I lost friends but gained some really good ones. I’ve learned how to economize, how to budget,my personal style has improved,I’ve becomed closer to my family. This was the year of my growth and now as 2009 is here it is time for me to take the initiative. This year 2Kmine is my Declaration of Success. Success is not always measured by how big your pay check is or what position you hold, its about being happy with what you do, have that passion and being a hustler for comfort….*
ITS 2K MINE! Im soo ready to take it by storm so watch out!!!


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