Chic is Beauty…Beauty is Benefit

Hey Luvies,
I might be the first to confess that I am not a make-up fanatic. But I adore well done makeup on a beautiful flawless skin. During the summer I was thirsty for a edgy look, something “chic” and something different, so I went on a beauty hunt. Where can I go for beauty samples and advise? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Right! Bloomingdales. So as usual whenever I enter a store/restaurant I immediately need assistance. lol Dont ask its just a bad habbit I guess. So I was directed to the Benefit desks where I was literally “hooked up”…Beautiful natural makeup fueled me to buy a few products. Take a look at whats in my make up kit.

Eyecome Fades Dark Circles

This kit comes in handy Believe me it does…

Rosy chicks makes a good finish…Glamorous

Oh, and I cant do without my lipgloss…This makes your lips pop I swear!


2 Comments on “Chic is Beauty…Beauty is Benefit”

  1. DONIAVELLI says:

    Excuse me but you have two male followers. Y u talkin bout makeup? LOL. Just kiddin’

  2. Chantal says:

    lol lol I’m sorry…lol i have female viewers also!

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